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Winter Floor Care: The Importance of Floor Matting

AND200158It’s nearly winter, which in Erie means snow, snow, and more snow. Chances are that the floors of your facility are no longer looking their best after just a month of winter, and you know that there are more months of salt and sludge coming through the door. The best way to keep your floors looking their best throughout the season is to frequently clean and practice prevention. Follow these tips to keep your floors shining until spring!

Proper Floor Matting is Essential

The single best thing you can do to protect your floors during winter is to invest in the right kind of floor matting. A high-performance matting system will stop contaminants from touching your floors by trapping debris, ice melt and moisture as it comes through the door. The debris is even easy to remove later if your system contains wells.

Place floor matting at all entrances to your facility, both inside and out, and make sure it covers about three paces. Look for a moisture-removing or scraper type made of heavy material for outdoor use, then outfit your interior with a finer type that will collect smaller debris particles and moisture.

Increase Cleaning Frequencies

Floor mats can stop lots of debris and moisture from hitting your floors, but no mat can eliminate them complete. Ask your cleaning staff to increase the frequency of damp mopping and dust mopping in high-traffic areas, and don’t forget to clean your floor mats frequently too. In addition to regularly vacuuming them, pressure wash them when needed to remove deep debris.

Keeping your floors clean adds to the professional appearance of your facility while helping your employees and visitors avoid slips and falls. Contact us today to learn more about our floor matting in Erie!