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The Truth about Antibiotic Resistance and the Flu

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The news has been filled lately with tales of antibiotic resistance and the growth of “superbugs.” While it’s true that growing resistance to antibiotic drugs is a serious concern, many rumors and misunderstandings are spreading about these so-called super germs and their relationship with antibacterial hand sanitizers. Keep reading to learn the truth about the matter and to separate fact from fiction.

Do antibacterial hand sanitizers contribute to the creation of super germs?

This is a widespread rumor, but it’s not true. Overusing antibiotic medications can certainly cause resistant bacteria and super bugs, but using alcohol-basedhand sanitizers does not produce the same effect. The active ingredient in most hand sanitizers, ethyl alcohol, works quite differently than antibiotics. It acts very quickly, eliminating the chance for germs to develop a resistance to it.

What about good germs? Does hand sanitizer destroy those too?

Hand sanitizers only kill germs and bacteria on the skin’s outer layers. This is good news for good germs, which don’t live on the surface of the skin. Good germs live within the underlayers of the skin, where they are protected by pores and hair follicles.

Alcohol-based hand sanitizers play an important role in keeping people safe and healthy throughout the year, but especially during cold and flu season. To learn more about these and other healthy cleaning supplies in Erie, contact us today!

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