Top 3 Ice Melt Mistakes (and how to avoid them)

Tis the season for winter storms, and although our “winter wonderlands” may look beautiful, they can also cause slips and falls in and around your facility if you don’t properly use ice melt. Don’t make these mistakes when using ice melt this winter:

Mistake 1: Waiting too long!

The time to start thinking about ice melt is before the first flakes of snow hit the ground. Stop in today to pick up a bag!

Many custodial teams also wait too long to apply ice melt. Snow can turn to ice as soon as it hits the ground under the right weather conditions, so instruct your team to apply ice melt before the storm rolls in. It should be reapplied during and after the ice storm as well. If there is a break in the snow, head out to apply a layer!

Mistake 2: Using the wrong product.

Not all ice melts are the same, and the best type for your facility will depend on your environment and weather conditions. If you feel you are overusing your product, you are probably using the wrong tup of ice melt. Talk to us about your needs, and we will be happy to recommend the best product for your facility! Contact us today with any questions you have.

Mistake 3: Storing ice melt improperly.

Your ice melt products can’t take care of your facility if you don’t take care of them! Always keep your ice melt in airtight containers away from air and moisture. Unopened bags can be stored as-is during the off season, but open containers should be sealed to avoid turning leftover ice melt into a product that resembles concrete. Each year, it seems like we have a surprise storm even after the season ends, so keep it on hand until you know winter weather is over.

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