The Three Grimiest Areas of Your Restroom (and how to tackle them)

Pop quiz time! What’s the dirtiest part of a restroom?

If you said the toilet seat, you aren’t alone. You also aren’t right. While most people name the toilet seat as the dirtiest surface in a restroom, it’s actually much less likely to be the source of cross-contamination than other areas, like the handle of the toilet stall or the flush handle.

If the toilet bowl isn’t one of the dirtiest parts of a restroom…what are they?

1. The Toilet Bowl

That’s right — the area under the toilet seat is actually one of the dirtiest areas in any restroom. Clean it by using a mirror to check out the area under the rim, where the water ports of the toilet are located. You’ll likely see a nasty buildup of bacteria, stains and mineral deposits. These particles can be a huge source of germs and decay, not to mention odors.

When you’re cleaning, take care to keep the bowl brush within the toilet until you’re finished. Never use it to clean the outside of the toilet, unless you want to spread germs to the outer bowl and seat. For stubborn stains, reach for a calcium, lime and rust remover or an acid-based bowl cleaner.

2. Any Surface with Bodily Fluids

We know this category is pretty vague, but that’s because bodily fluids can be on so many surfaces in restrooms. The toilet seat is an obvious choice, but what about feminine hygiene receptacles? And don’t forget urinal mats and screens!

The key to tackling these areas is to clean often and early. Depending on your restroom’s foot traffic, change the bags in feminine hygiene receptacles at least once a day, and change your urinal mats and screens twice a month.

3. Grout

When you’re trying to guess the grimiest areas in a restroom, grout probably doesn’t pop into your head right away, but it is prone to developing bacteria and mold because it is often exposed to moisture. Moldy or bacteria-laden grout is a key culprit in restroom odors, so keep it at the top of your list of spots to clean. Avoid any cleaning system that will leave moisture behind, and actively remove the mold to avoid odor issues and discoloration.

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