Stock Up on Ice Melt in Erie Today!

We hate it say it, but winter weather will be here before we know it. Stock up now to avoid being caught without it during the first storm! Follow these tips to safely use and apply ice melt this season:

1. Don’t wait!

Now is the time to think about ice melt. Stock up now, before the worst storms hit, and buy enough to get you through the season. Nothing is worse than having to drive on icy roads to grab an extra bag.

This advice also applies to when you should apply ice melt. Ice melt works best when applied before a storm hits. Keep an eye on the forecast, and if a surprise storm suddenly rolls in, apply ice melt before the precipitation freezes on the ground.

2. Use the right type of ice melt.

MeltCo makes an ice melt for every environment and challenge. Their Commercial De-Icer, for example, is fast-acting and perfect for using in very cold temperatures. MeltCo’s Premium De-Icer with Magnesium Chloride is a great option for minimizing corrosion and protecting vegetation. We love it for sidewalks, asphalt, concrete and pavers. Their Lake Effect Snow & Ice Melter is one of our favorite economical choices, and the purple color makes it easy to see where you’ve laid down the product. Their Rock Salt is another economic option that works well in low temps and won’t cake or track. We are happy to recommend the best ice melt in Erie PA for your needs — just contact us today to learn more!

3. Use the correct amount.

With ice melt, a little goes a long way. Apply about two to four ounces for each square yard. If the ice isn’t melting, you may be using the wrong type of product.

4. Store your ice melt properly.

Keep open bags of ice melt away from sunlight, air and moisture. Store them in airtight containers. If you don’t, moisture in the air can cause your ice melt to harden, clump and degrade.

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