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Spring Cleaning Advice from Our Experts

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Spring is finally here! This is the best time to take proactive steps to make your office, store, warehouse or facility cleaner and more attractive. Doing a deep cleaning for the new season also boosts employee morale and creates a positive first impression for new clients and visitors. Follow these tips from our experts to get your facility looking its best this spring!

Focus on Your Restrooms

The appearance of your restrooms creates a strong impression on employees, guests and clients. In addition to your regular cleaning, make time this season to re-caulk sinks and replace mirrors if necessary, and check your baby changing stations, towel dispensers and toilet paper dispensers for needed repairs.

Do a Thorough Walk-Through

Carefully look for smaller issues in your facility to stop them from turning into bigger ones. Bring your janitorial rep or facilities services provider with you to check for tiny details you may overlook. Take a look at your doors, light switches, ceiling tiles, fire extinguishers, cabinets, hinges, shelving, countertops and tile to see what needs a facelift or repairs.

Check Your Carpets and Floors

Erie winters take a toll on flooring and carpets. Now is the best time to do a deep cleaning. Extend the life of hard surfaces by stripping and waxing, shampoo your carpets and create a regular vacuuming schedule to keep them looking like new throughout the year.

Go Green this Spring!

If your cleaning program does not already incorporate greener practices, now is a great time to start! Talk to our team about simples ways to make a big difference environmentally. We are happy to recommend the best Green Seal certified janitorial supplies in Erie PA for your needs, including eco-friendly paper products, soaps, cleansers and more.

Sanford Company provides all the cleaning supplies in Erie PA and elsewhere that you need to make your facility safer, cleaner and healthier this spring. Check out our online catalog to start stocking up today!

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