Spotlight on Minuteman Floor Cleaning Equipment in Erie

We provide a comprehensive line of Minuteman walk-behind floor scrubbers and janitorial equipment in Erie PA that meets all your cleaning needs. Easy to operate and durable, these machines increase the productivity of your cleaning program and leave floors both clean and dry in just one pass. Our inventory includes both disk and cylindrical platforms for agile cleaning, the years of reliable performance are guaranteed thanks to their rugged construction. Please contact us today to schedule your free in-person demo of our floor cleaning equipment in Erie!

Minuteman 290 Wet/Dry Vac with Wide Area Squeegee

This wet/dry vac features a self-sealing intake that creates a positive vacuum seal while still allowing the hose to swivel. Each lid assembly is designed to minimize noise, and all tanks are made of virtually indestructible polyethylene. Powered by a rugged Ametek Lamb motor, this wet/dry vac is ideal for daily use in schools, restaurants, offices, hospitals and factories. Click here to learn more.

Minuteman E20 Walk Behind Floor Scrubber

Boasting a 20” cleaning path, this compact disc brush scrubber has a squeegee width of 33” and working speed of 3.1 MPH. The cyclindrical deck has an integrated sweeping function, and the convenient on-board charger means it can be charged anywhere. This unit features many green benefits, including quiet operation, tool-free brush removal and one button operation. The E20 eliminates manual pre-sweeping of your warehouse or factory floor and is the perfect choice for concrete or grouted tile floors. Click here to learn more.

Minuteman X17 Carpet Extractor

Features a single, adjustable brush that runs at 1800 RPM, this carpet extractor includes a dump host built-in for convenience. 9 gallon solution tank and 7.5 gallon recovery tank. On-board power for optional scrub wand and extraction tools. Patented Chemical Free Solution system that requires zero disinfectants or chemicals! Instead, it uses Ozone to sanitize, deodorize and purify soft floors using innovative, revolutionary technology. Click here to learn more.

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