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How to Save Money on the Best Janitorial and Floor Cleaning Supplies

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cleaning suppliesWhen you want to have the best janitorial supplies in Erie, PA from suppliers like Sanford Company, you may also want to make sure that you are getting the biggest bang for your buck. Saving money on your cleaning supplies does not mean that you have to sacrifice quality. You can find hig -quality and dependable cleaning solutions for your floor scrubber and other systems and save money by doing so if you follow these helpful tips.

Try It Out First

Many commercial cleaning solutions for a floor scrubber in Erie, PA come in large containers. If you have never tried these products before, you might be unsure of which product to purchase. Before investing in a bulk container of a cleaning solution, consider getting a smaller size bottle to try it out first. You can get an idea of how the product works with the smaller package size. Once you decide which product you like and then buy more of it.

Make Bulk Purchases

After you decide on your favorite brand and formulation of janitorial cleaning supplies for your floor scrubbing machine, you can save a great deal of money by buying in bulk. Choose the value size package of the products that you use the most of for cleaning your floors. Check to see if the product has an expiration or best used by date on it and make sure that you will use up all of the product by that time.

Use the Product According to the Manufacturer’s Instructions

Many bulk or concentrated floor cleaning solutions have specific instructions on how much of the product to use. If you put too much of the solution into the floor scrubber, the machine could have problems. Using too much of the cleaning solution could also leave an unsightly residue on the flooring.

By pouring the right amount of cleaning solution into the floor scrubber, you can avoid wasting the product. If you need to dilute the floor cleaning solution, measure it carefully. Not adding enough water could cause problems for the floor scrubber. Adding too much water could result in your building’s floors not getting as clean as you desire.


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