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Sanitizers vs. Disinfectants: What’s the Difference Between the Cleaning Supplies?

One of the most frequently-asked questions we get from our customers is “is there really a difference between sanitizers and disinfectants?” The answer is yes! Although many people use the terms “disinfecting” and “sanitizing” interchangeably, there is a actually a big difference between the two processes.

Sanitizers destroy 99.999 percent of bacteria within 30 seconds of application. Disinfectants take longer to work – about ten minutes – but they destroy all organisms and germs. Those are the major differences between the two cleaning products – time and efficacy.

Before you reach for a powerful disinfectant and set your timer for ten minutes, think about the mess you are cleaning and the space in which you work. For most applications, sanitizing is sufficient. Sanitizers are recommended for areas like kitchens, restrooms, breakrooms and even childcare facilities.

If you are doing more heavy-duty cleaning or manage a healthcare facility, a sanitizer won’t cut it. For more serious cleaning tasks, especially those that involve bodily fluids, we recommend using a disinfectant. These products are ideal for cleaning surfaces that have come into contact with body fluids, like blood, to safeguard the health of your patients, visitors and employees. Disinfectants are essential cleaning supplies in healthcare facilities and other areas that require the complete elimination of germs and bacteria.

We provide a huge inventory of both disinfectants and sanitizers. To learn more about these and other cleaning supplies in Erie PA, contact us today!

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