Place Hand Sanitizer Dispensers in These Key Locations to Reduce Viral Transmission

Think about all the times you use your hands during a regular work day. When you’re in the office, you touch doorknobs, turn faucets on and off, rest your hands on counters and desks and much more. Each of these everyday activities exposes your hands to illness-causing bacteria and germs. 80% of infections are transmitted by hands, and as the coronavirus pandemic and flu season converge, it is more crucial than ever before to implement a strong hand hygiene program in your facility.

While washing hands with good old fashioned soap and water is still best, hand sanitizer is a great alternative when they aren’t available. By installing hand sanitizer dispensers in select locations around your facility, you can encourage your team and visitors to practice good hand hygiene and reduce the spread of transmission of both the flu and coronavirus.

Hand Sanitizer Dispenser Key Locations 

The best way you can remind your guests, clients and employees to use hand sanitizer regularly is to make it always within sight and easily accessible! Place dispensers in high-traffic areas and public areas, including: 

Exits and Entrances 

The doorknobs at your facility can be touched by a huge percentage of your employees and clients every day. Place hand sanitizer near your doorways to remind folks to practice hand hygiene as soon as they walk through the door. 

Public Spaces

Breakrooms, food courts and cafeterias can be laden with germs that cause diseases. Install dispensers near check-outs and throughout your dining areas. Meeting rooms are also often high-traffic areas, but providing dispensers and sanitizer near doors can safeguard health. 

Employee Desks 

Your employee’s desks and everything on them can be coated in an invisible layer of bacteria and germs. Make it easy for them to sanitize throughout the day by placing dispensers near workspaces. 

Placing your dispensers strategically makes it easy and convenient for your team to sanitize their hands. Check out our large selection of dispensers in our online catalog to make your facility safer and cleaner! 

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