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Our Top Six Back-to-School Cleaning Tips

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Summer goes by quickly, and before you know it, school hallways will once again be filled with students and teachers. That means that now is the time for your janitorial staff to focus on getting your school in tip-top shape. Follow these tips to make sure your back-to-school cleaning program earns an A+ this year!

1. Plan it Out

Use the last bit of summer downtime to create a clear, complete cleaning program. Putting it in writing will ensure your whole team is on the same page, prioritize the workload and make your needs clear. This process can also help you think about areas of your school that need cleaning that you may not normally consider.

2. Focus on Floors

Floor cleaning, stripping and refinishing tasks are disruptive during the school year, so get your floors looking their best before teachers and students return. Do a deep-cleaning on rugs and carpets to get rid of debris and dirt in high traffic areas, scrub floor mats and make a plan for your hard floors before the first day of classes.

3. Deep Clean Restrooms

These high-traffic areas definitely need a deep cleaning after the school year ends. Use this time to clean vents, remove grime from drains and grout, thoroughly disinfect walls and stall doors and clean light fixtures if necessary.

4. Clean and Organize Your Closets

Ensure that your janitorial closet will earn high marks this school year by cleaning and organizing it before classes resume. Double-check that all supplies are properly labeled, mops are cleaned, equipment is maintained and everything is in its place.

5. Repair and Service Cleaning Equipment

Your cleaning program is only as good as its equipment. Equipment that is in bad shape, dated or dirty must be addressed before the new school year starts. This is also a great time to create a maintenance schedule to keep your equipment working like new all year long.

6. Stock Up on Cleaning Supplies

Now is the best time to stock up on cleaning supplies in Erie for the new school year. Whether you are looking for janitorial equipment, cleaning chemicals, restroom cleaning supplies or janitorial tools, we’ve got you covered here at Sanford. Check out our online catalog now to start stocking up and saving!

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