Our Favorite Antibacterial Hand Sanitizers for Cold and Flu Season

When your team is healthy, your facility runs smoothly. But as soon as one employee gets sick, it can cause a ripple effect that reduces productivity, increases absenteeism and results in costly consequences for your business.

The best way to battle this and survive cold and flu season is to create a culture of health in your facility. Offering Purell hand sanitizers and other products can help your team stay healthy and productive.

Using these products can make a difference and reduce absenteeism by as much as 13%! When hand hygiene becomes part of your routine, you’re less likely to spread germs and more likely to stay healthy this flu and cold season.

Our Favorite Antibacterial Hand Sanitizers in Erie

We love Purell’s Instant Hand Sanitizer Foam, an alcohol-free formula the skills 99.99% of the common germs that cause illnesses. It’s effective, safe and non-irritating, and you can use it with latex, vinyl and nitrile gloves. We especially love that the Smart-Flex bottle design uses 30% less material than HDPE.

Purell’s Advanced Hand Sanitizer Ultra Nourishing Luxurious Foam is another favorite of ours because it combines the germ-killing power of Purell with skin-loving moisturizers. Like other Purell products, it kills 99.99% of common germs but also contains a unique blend of moisturizers and antioxidants that leave your hand feeling soft and clean.

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