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Janitorial Supplies that Streamline Your Cleaning Program

CleaningSuppliesMicrofiberWe’ve never met a facility manager who didn’t want to save time, money and effort. That’s why we are committed to offering products that help make your life easier and your budget bigger. Choosing the right cleaning supplies is the first step toward cleaning faster and smarter, and these two products should always be in your janitorial cart to clean most efficiently.

Microfiber Cleaning Supplies

Nothing tops microfiber cleaning supplies when it comes to mopping or dusting. This innovative material enhances your cleaning power by getting deep into pores and crevices that traditional cotton rags or mops cannot reach. The material also helps boost productivity when cleaning floors by eliminating the frequent dipping and wringing of conventional mops. Lightweight and easy to maneuver, microfiber mops let your cleaning staff get floors clean more quickly than ever before.

Multi-Purpose Cleaners

Instead of lugging around five or six surface-specific cleaners, save money and energy and cart space by investing in a high quality multi-purpose cleaner. Use the formula on a huge array of surfaces, including bathroom and kitchen tiles, stainless steel and glass. Making the switch from surface-specific cleaners to multi-purpose cleaners helps your janitorial staff move more quickly from one task to the next.

To learn more about how these and other janitorial supplies can help streamline your cleaning program, contact Sanford Company today!

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