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Cleaning Tips for Relocating Your Business

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Relocating your business to a new facility is a big task, and making sure it is move-in ready is essential to reducing downtime, maximizing productivity and keeping employee morale high. Follow these tips if you are preparing for a big move!

1. Cut Clutter.

Getting rid of unnecessary equipment, files, supplies and other materials is the first step toward an efficient move. Set aside time for your employees to clear their workstations and desks to prevent clutter from coming into the new space. During this process, set up three areas for items: one for donations, another for recycling and a third for trash.

2. Clean with Janitorial Supplies in Erie PA!

Stock up on janitorial supplies in Erie PA to get your new space move-in ready. You’ll save time by doing it before you move in furniture and equipment, and it can make move-in day safer. Focus on the bathrooms, windows, air vents and grates, ceiling tiles, walls, upholstery and window treatments.

For bigger clean-up jobs, consider renting a floor scrubber in Erie PA from us, or talk to our team about investing in used floor scrubbers in Erie PA.

3. Focus on the Carpets.

Deep cleaning the carpets will freshen up your new space, and it is easier to do it before you move in than when the floors are covered with desks, chairs and other furniture.

4. Complete Minor Repairs and Touch-Up Paint.

Check the walls and baseboards for scuff marks, pay close attention to the entryways and add a fresh coat of paint to make a great first impression on your clients and employees. Also take time to do minor repairs, like replacing lightbulbs, fixing window blinds or installing new door handles if needed.

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