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Janitorial Supplies Company on the Proper Way to Maintain Gym Floors

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There are few flooring surfaces in your school that see as much wear and tear as your gymnasium floor. With a little TLC, however, you can maintain its function and extend its service life for many school years to come.

Protect the floor surface

Gyms are used to seeing heavy foot traffic from athletes and spectators alike. One way to reduce wear and tear on the surface is to use carpets and runners in heavy traffic areas such as the gym entrance. Carpets and mats also minimize the amount of dirt brought into the facility, while also protecting the floor surface from scratches during equipment ingress.

Proper Way to Maintain Gym Floors

Have a regular cleaning schedule

For gymnasiums, keeping the floors clean isn’t just a matter of sanitation or aesthetics—it’s also about safety. After all, if the floor surface is not cleaned properly, a player might slip and incur injuries.

It’s important, then, to have a regular maintenance schedule for your gym’s floors to reduce the possibility of athletes getting injured. Make sure that the floor is cleaned daily, even if there’s no game being played.

Use the right cleaning agent

This is one scenario where more is definitely not better. When cleaning your gym floors, make sure that you use only a neutral detergent cleaner. Harsher cleaning agents will damage the finish of the wood, and this can affect the performance of your floor (i.e. loss of foot grip) and shorten its service life. For best results, consult with a janitorial supplies company for the most appropriate cleaner to use on gym floors.

Get a floor scrubber

If you want to make the cleaning process more efficient, consider investing in an automatic floor scrubber. Thanks to their huge cleaning heads and motorized system, these machines can make quick work of cleaning even the largest gymnasiums. If you’re worried about costs, you’ll be glad to know that there are used floor scrubbers that budget-strapped schools can purchase.

Keep your gym floor’s looks and performance topnotch by taking the time to properly maintain it. After all, preventing problems will definitely be more cost-effective than solving them. If you need reliable cleaning supplies and equipment, you can count on trusted companies like the Sanford Company to be your one-stop cleaning supplies partner.


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