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Hardwood Cleaning Secret? Quality Used Floor Scrubbers from Erie, PA

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hardwood cleaning secretPretty to look at but very tough to clean and maintain – that is the curse of having hardwood as flooring, especially in indoor athletic facilities like basketball courts and gymnasiums. Hardwood flooring is not cheap, which is why it is considered a big investment that needs to be continuously protected by using quality janitorial supplies from reputable sellers like the Sanford Company in Erie, PA.

Proper Hardwood Floor Cleaning Procedures

Contrary to popular belief, basic hardwood floor care is not limited to regular variety sweeping and mopping. Dust and small foreign particles can settle on the hardwood floor surface, thus scratching it. While loose grit is easily manageable, caked dirt is little trickier and needs to be properly addressed with a soft, damp cloth. However, cleaning hardwood floors this way in an area as big as a small gymnasium can be downright tedious.

Those who do not understand hardwood will even make the mistake of depending on the ever reliable bucket-and-mop to remove grime and dirt, even though moisture can cause damage much bigger than just leaving the floor dirty. Some will even use the same cleaning chemicals they apply while mopping hallways, not knowing that the wrong chemical will cause the hardwood to be become slippery or hazy.

The correct way of cleaning hardwood floor easily is to utilize a floor scrubber. Since new floor scrubbers can cost quite the amount of money, owners of small athletic facilities can purchase quality used floor scrubbers from traders in Erie to help clean and maintain their hardwood flooring.

Choosing a used floor scrubber

Though you might save some money by buying a used floor scrubber instead of a new one, you have to remember to always check it out first before making the actual purchase. A defective floor scrubber can do more harm than good on your hardwood.

The used floor scrubber should be well-maintained. Its vacuum should be in good working condition, and it should be working properly overall. Also, you have to choose a recommended cleaning agent together with your used floor scrubber to effectively eliminate all dirt and grime from the hardwood floor.

With a little knowledge on proper hardwood floor cleaning and maintenance, owners and managers of various indoor athletic facilities can guarantee the soundness of their investment for many years to come.


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