Green Cleaning Includes Sustainable, Eco-Friendly Equipment

When you think about green cleaning supplies, you probably imagine environmentally-friendly chemical formulas sustainable packaging or toilet paper made from recycled materials, but did you know that cleaning equipment can also be “green?”

Green cleaning equipment cuts the environmental impacts of facility maintenance while minimizing exposure to potentially hazardous biological, particulate and chemical contaminants by building occupants and maintenance personnel. If you choose green floor cleaning equipment in Erie PA, like floor scrubbers and sweepers, you’ll also make a more positive impact on overall air quality.

What is green cleaning equipment?

The United States Green Building Council (USGBC) has outlined the following characteristics for sustainable cleaning equipment under its Green Design and LEED programs:

  • Floor maintenance equipment includes guards, vacuums or other elements that capture fine particles. They also operate with a sound level less than 70dBA.
  • Equipment reduces the potential for damaging building surfaces because they are designed with safeguards, like rubber bumpers or rollers.
  • Floor equipment powered by propane has low-emissions, high-efficiency converters, and their mufflers meet the standards outlined by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for sound levels and engine sizes.
  • Powered equipment reduces user fatigue, noise and vibration through ergonomic design.
  • Battery-powered equipment runs on gel batteries that have less of an environmental impact than conventional batteries.
  • Automated scrubbing machines are designed with on-board chemical metering and variable-speed feed pumps. These elements are more sustainable because they optimize the dispersion and use of cleaning fluids. As an alternative, scrubbing machines may rely solely on tap water with no added chemical cleaning products.

Sustainable cleaning equipment is an important part of an overall green cleaning program. Sanford Company is proud to provide these and other environmentally-friendly janitorial supplies in Erie PA. To learn more, or to schedule a FREE demo of our LEED-certified cleaning equipment, contact us today! 


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