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Go Green for Earth Day

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In honor of Earth Day this month , the pros here at Sanford are offering our top tips for going green not just at your facility, but in your life as well. This spring, follow these tips to welcome the new season in a green way:

1. Analyze your cleaning chemicals.

Take a look at your cleaning closet, garage and bathroom — what products are you using to clean your home and other spaces? Are there warnings on the labels? Are less toxic alternatives available? Hazardous products can affect both your family’s health and the health of our environment.

2. Make the switch to green cleaners.

We stock a huge variety of Green Seal approved janitorial supplies in Erie. Swap your convention cleaners for these products, and ask our staff for recommendations on how you can adopt greener cleaning programs.

3. Choose green paints.

If a painting project is on your list of spring cleaning tasks, you can do it while still enjoying the fresh air and scents of the season. Avoid hazardous fumes by using “no VOC” or “low VOC” paints. If you have a big paint job looming, use recycled paint, which is made from reformulated leftover paint.

4. Refinish with green products.

Same goes for paints, finishes and stains for other areas of your home or office — there are many less-toxic, more sustainable options available today. Look for Green Seal-certified coating made without hazardous air pollutants, carcinogens, phthalates or heavy metals.

5. Use recycled paper products.

We are also proud to carry a number of recycled paper products. Save more trees by choosing to use 100% recycled paper towels, tissue and toilet paper.

6. Reduce your spring break travel footprint.

If you are heading on a vacation this spring, stay in hotels with certified green operations. Many travel sites make these easy to find.


We are happy to recommend the very best green cleaning products for your needs and budget. Contact us today to learn more and create a green cleaning program in your facility!

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