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Floor Scrubbers in Erie for Restaurants and Foodservice Establishments

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floor-scrubbersIf you manage a restaurant or work in the foodservice industry, you know that cleanliness is a top priority. Preparing meals in a dirty kitchen can cause unwanted consequences for both your diners and staff.

Many types of viruses and bacteria can thrive in an unclean kitchen, and the floors of foodservice establishments get very dirty throughout the day, which leads to serious bacteria growth. This exposes your staff and visitors to bacteria and germs, which can cause a multitude of infections and illnesses.

This is why cleaning must be a top priority. Investing in our janitorial supplies in Erie PA is the first step toward creating a clean, healthy foodservice establishment.

Floor Sweepers

Giving the floors a good sweep can remove dry dust and debris. Industrial sweepers can cover sizable areas quickly, reducing your overall labor costs and helping your staff clean most efficiently. If you run a large establishment, like a cafeteria, a ride-on sweeper may be the best option.

Floor Scrubbers in Erie PA for Foodservice Establishments

When your restaurant or foodservice floors need to be scrubbed completely clean, consider one of our industrial used floor scrubbers in Erie. These machines can easily clean up to 26,000 square feet in a hour, maximizing the efficiency of your cleaning program. If you need to clean under objects like shelves and racks, opt for a walk-behind version.

Combination Sweeper-Scrubbers

Need both sweeping and scrubbing power? Ask about our combination sweeper-scrubbers. These models can clean up to 67,000 square feet per hour, and some even let you change brush pressures to really customize your cleaning and get the most intense scrubbing.

By using our janitorial supplies in Erie PA, you can avoid food poisoning and contamination issues while making your foodservice space shine. Contact us today to learn more!

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