Floor Care, Infection Control and Employee Productivity

Maintaining floors too often falls to the bottom of the to-do list for facility managers. With so much else to focus on these days, from disinfecting restrooms to sanitizing shared spaces, we get it, but floors are literally “ground zero” for dirt, dust and debris. No matter what type of facility you manage, dirty floors may be affecting your business, team and customers.

Floors and Infection Control

Floors can be hotbeds of germs and bacteria that cause illness, just like any other surface in your facility. As you take extra measures to reduce the risk of coronavirus in your facility, keep your floors in mind and make them central to your infection control plan.

Floors and Productivity

Unhealthy employees are less productive employees. Sick leave deprives your business of labor, and facility managers have to do everything they can to keep employees safe and healthy.

Dirty floors also contribute to an unproductive work environment. Employees do their best work in spaces that are clean, and the appearance of your floors sets the tone for the entire facility. Keeping yours spotless increases employee morale and may boost performance.

Your Floor’s Lifespan

No matter what type of floors are in your facility, maintaining them extends their lifespan. Dirt and debris, when left to accumulate, can easily corrode the surface of your floor and cause damages that are expensive to repair. If you take floor cleaning and carpet care seriously, you can extend the life of your flooring and avoid expensive repairs or replacements.

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