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Erie, PA Janitorial Supplies: Why Make the Move to Floor Scrubbers?

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With winter fast approaching, floor maintenance becomes even more important in upholding a clean and safe work environment. There’s no escaping the fact that floors can get extremely dirty and wet during winter, and to an Erie, PA business such as yours, this can be a major threat to your bottom line.


If you’re still using a mop and bucket to clean your floors, then you aren’t really helping your cause. The method widely ineffective, as it only serves to spread water, dirt, and germs around the floor instead actually getting it clean and dry. What you need is a better floor cleaning solution—floor scrubbers.

The problem with wet floors

Employees and customers who shuffle in and out of your business location during cold and wet weather are bound to bring water and dirt in with them regardless of how much you try to keep these unwanted things out. Too much water and dirt can make your floor look less appealing, which not only leaves a bad impression about your business, but also creates a serious health hazard for anyone in the building.

It’s simply impractical to use passé cleaning methods such as a bucket and mop. An industrial floor scrubber sold by a top janitorial supplies company in Erie can clean your floors speedily and more efficiently than traditional cleaning methods ever can.

How floor scrubbers work

Floor scrubbers work by applying water and detergent onto a floor, after which a system of two to three brushes and a vacuum-powered squeegee loosens up even the hardest dirt and grime and collects all the cleaning fluid and water. This more efficient cleaning method leaving your floors shining and safe to walk on.

Aside from giving your cleaning staff the ability to clean the floor faster and more efficiently, floor scrubbers have the added benefit of minimizing operator fatigue while improving productivity. Since the floor scrubber makes work easier for your people they are able to clean the floor for longer periods and cover more area.

Need a floor scrubber?

If you’re on a budget, you can actually forgo buying a new one and go with a used floor scrubber instead. You can visit a dealer of brand new and used floor scrubbers and sweepers in Erie, such as Sanford Company.

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