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Erie, PA Floor Scrubber Distributor: Maintaining Your Concrete Floor

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floor scrubber distributorIf you own a business of any sort that has a concrete floor, you are up for a big cleaning challenge. Proper maintenance of a concrete floor is crucial to ensure its long service life. Here are some tips on making your concrete floor clean and safe for you, your employees, and your clients.

Wax It Good

With the amount of abuse floors get, keeping it shiny as new can be a huge challenge. Luckily, you can help concrete floors maintain their sheen by applying good quality wax on it. The wax serves as a first line of defense against foot traffic, thereby prolonging the life of your concrete floor sealer. And unlike the latter, floor wax is easier to reapply when it starts wearing thin. Just be sure to get your janitorial supplies in Erie, PA from trusted merchants.

Seal It

Sooner of later, though, all that foot traffic will eventually wear off the actual floor sealant. When this happens, call in flooring experts to re-apply the floor sealant to keep the surface nice and shiny. A good sealant will last a good three or four years, so it’s a worthwhile investment if you want to keep your floors pristine.

Deal with Spills

Facility owners and operators are wary of liquid spills because they’re a slip and fall hazard. But aside from this, spilled liquid can also affect the aesthetics of your flooring. If you don’t mop up the liquid, it may seep into the concrete material, resulting in unsightly stains. For the sake of people and your floor, mop up that spill ASAP.

Clean it Constantly

While concrete floors are one of the most low-maintenance materials out there, they still need regular cleanings. For the most part, this includes daily sweeping and mopping, which may be a bit of a challenge for larger facilities. Fortunately, you can get a motorized floor scrubber in Erie, PA to help make this task less daunting. These clever pieces of equipment can clean huge swathes of flooring in one pass, giving your team more time to handle other maintenance duties.

Learning about these tips, you now know that investing in floor maintenance has a huge return. If you want your employees to stay productive every day, you need to make sure that their environment is clean and safe. The floor is one of the areas in a building that where they will base this impression.

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