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Erie, PA Floor Scrubber: Choosing the Right Floor Cleaning Products

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The floors of your Erie, PA facility are an expensive investment, and choosing the appropriate janitorial supplies is essential to keeping them looking their best. With the right floor cleaners, you safeguard your investment against damage, ensuring its longevity while taking care you don’t void its warranty.

So how do you ensure you choose the best products for your application?  Here are the questions you must answer before you make your decision.

  • What is your floor made of?
  • What’s causing the dirt and stains on the floor?
  • What cleaning methods do you intend to use?

Dirt and stain make-up

The make-up of the dirt and stains on the floor determines how tough your cleansing agent needs to be. If you don’t know the best cleaning product to use to get rid of stubborn dirt, start with the gentlest product then work your way up to the most aggressive. That said, even the mildest cleansing agents can still damage your floor if used improperly, so use these only as needed and as applies to your flooring surface.

Acidity levels

Acidity matters when it comes to cleaning solution selection. Cleaning agents with 7 pH are the gentlest products in the market, and are best used on floors that experience basic foot traffic.

Cleaners with pH levels higher than 7 are more alkaline in nature and are best used on floors that encounter acidic and beverage-based dirt. These cleaners are generally safe for use on a wide variety of floors except those made of granite, marble and wood.

Degreasers also belong to products with a high pH range, and are usually effective against grease and carbon deposits, like the black marks left by the soles of shoes. Unfortunately, they can affect the floor’s finish, so unless your floor finish is highly resilient to chemicals, best to avoid degreasers altogether. If you must use degreasers, be sure to dilute before use.

Acidic cleaners are used mostly to remove alkaline residue, which often occurs after ice melt. These are generally safe for all surfaces.

Need help choosing the right cleaning products?

If you want to know the right cleaning products for your particular floor type and the amount of abuse it endures, trusted Erie, PA floor scrubber and janitorial supplies stores like Sanford Company have staff that can inform you on the best products to use for your needs.


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