Disinfect, Sanitize and More with One Product

Here at Sanford, we love cleaning solutions that reduce waste and boost efficiency. That’s why Peroxy HDOX from Earth Laboratories is one of our favorite products — it’s one concentrate, 2 dilutions that disinfect, sanitize, kill viruses and fungus and deodorize.

This solution can be used on any washable surface, and it’s an effective cleaner on windows, glass, mirrors, stainless steel, aluminum, brass, soft metals, quarry tile, natural stone, sealed grout, vinyl, plastics, sinks, countertops, fixtures, painted surfaces and more. You can use it on any surface that isn’t harmed by water, making it a versatile addition to your cleaning cart.

A Powerful Disinfectant 

When used as a disinfectant, Peroxy HDOX is effective against norovirus, pseudomonas aeruginosa, staphylococcus aureus, salmonella enteric, streptococcus pneumonia, E-coli, MRSA and more. 

An Effective Fungicide 

As a fungicide, Peroxy HDOX is effective against tricophyton mentagrophytes, which cause infection of the hair, nails and skin and are a common cause of ringworm. 

Perfect for Any Industry 

We highly recommend Peroxy HDOX for disinfecting and sanitizing in any public space, including cruise shops, hospitals, healthcare settings, hospitality facilities, dorm rooms, schools, households, public transportation, universities, gyms, cafeterias and break rooms, locker rooms, restrooms, day care centers, offices and more. 

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