Coronavirus Cleaning Essentials in Erie PA

Our online catalog is open 24/7 for convenient shopping, and our inventory has all the coronavirus cleaning supplies in Erie you need to make your facility cleaner, safer and healthier. Here are some of our highest-recommend products:

Betco Foaming Alcohol Hand Sanitizer

Hand hygiene is extremely important for combatting coronavirus. This on-the-go aerosol delivers antiseptic foam that reduces bacteria and germs on skin while leaving hands conditioned and moisturized. The size is perfect for desktops and countertops throughout your facility. Click here to stock up now. 

Santotex Environmental Surface Roll Wipes 

These low lining, disposable micro-denier cleaning wipes pull from a convenient reusable dispenser with a spring-loaded lid for quick, reliable and cost-effective cleaning. 

Triple S Navigator 3X Renegade Daily Disinfectant 

This one-step disinfectant kills germs in just three minutes and is EPA-approved for use against SARS-CoV-2, the novel coronavirus. With Renegade, you can fight hospital-acquired infections and germs faster! This formula is effective three times faster than traditional disinfectants. Surfaces only need to stay wet for three minutes to kill rather than the ten minutes it would usually take when using a typical quaternary disinfectant. This product cleans, disinfects and deodorizes in one labor saving step! Stock up today by clicking here.

Peroxy HDox from Earth Laboratories 

Peroxy HDOX from Earth Laboratories is one of our favorite products — it’s one concentrate, 2 dilutions that disinfect, sanitize, kill viruses and fungus and deodorize. 

This solution can be used on any washable surface, and it’s an effective cleaner on windows, glass, mirrors, stainless steel, aluminum, brass, soft metals, quarry tile, natural stone, sealed grout, vinyl, plastics, sinks, countertops, fixtures, painted surfaces and more. You can use it on any surface that isn’t harmed by water, making it a versatile addition to your cleaning cart. 

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