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Common Mistakes Businesses Commit with Janitorial Supplies for Floors

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One of the most important responsibilities of a business is to create a clean environment for both employees and customers. Most predominantly, this objective comes down to maintaining the floors of the establishment—the most trodden portion of your building and the most vulnerable to risk. Spills equate to falls and slips while heavy foot traffic equates to wear and tear.

While there’s a range of janitorial supplies in Erie, PA that businesses can use, there are still mistakes committed by custodial staff that prevent floors from becoming clean and sightly. Being aware of these miscues can help your staff save time and make the floors sparkle.

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Using the Wrong Products 

Just because the label indicates that the product is good for cleaning floors doesn’t mean you can use it on any surface. You have to determine the type of flooring in the establishment to know which product is right for it.

You should also apply the proper dilution ratios, depending on the product. Otherwise, you risk wasting money and energy while damaging the flooring. If unsure about the type of flooring, there’s a neutral cleaner that works on multiple surfaces.

Forgetting to Prepare the Floors for Cleaning 

Going straight to mopping without preparing the floor for cleaning can further spread dirt and debris, making any efforts moot. It’s best to first dust mop the floor to remove the accumulation of dust and debris in corners, edges, and other hard-to-reach spots. After getting rid of them, you can then mop the surface easier and faster. You should also prepare the flooring for cleaning when sealing, waxing, and stripping.

Failing to Clean the Equipment 

A dirty machine for floor care in Erie, PA or any other cleaning equipment for that matter, is of no use. They will only make your floor dirtier than it was. Before using them, make sure that they are properly cleaned and maintained to make the work easier and more effective. After using the equipment, store it in a clean and safe place so that you can easily access and use them the next time.

Some businesses make these mistakes because their staff isn’t properly taught and trained. Before assigning employees to their cleaning tasks, make sure they have protocols and guidelines to follow to keep your establishment clean and inviting.

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