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Common Industrial Floor Problems that Used Floor Scrubbers Can Fix

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Most business owners tend to overlook the care and maintenance of their industrial floors – that is, until a lack of cleanliness affects overall productivity or causes serious injuries. It is important for Erie, PA businesses to invest in quality janitorial supplies to clean their industrial floor. It is also important to understand and identify the common issues and problems that can occur during cleaning and the possible solutions. Here are a few problems even a used floor scrubber can fix:

Slippery Floors

According to studies conducted in the UK and the US, a slippery floor is considered as one of the top three major causes of accidents in the workplace. While poor housekeeping procedures is most likely the real culprit, slippery floors can also be brought about by excessive use or wrong application of floor wax.

A floor scrubber can minimize the possibility of slippery floors as it buffs and maintains that natural grab of the floor. With the use of the right pads and chemical cleaning solution, it can effectively remove other causes of slippery floors such as grease, grime, oil, and wax. That is aside from giving your work space that clean and tidy look.

Common Industrial Floor Problems

Discolored Floor Due to Dirt or Stain

Most of the time, a simple bucket-and-mop is not enough to clean an industrial floor thoroughly. An auto floor scrubber can fix this problem as it can clean more effectively than manual mopping.

If you don’t have the budget to buy brand new equipment, used floor scrubbers from a reputable store in Erie, PA that offers janitorial supplies should be good enough to eliminate the tough stains on your floor.

Scuff and Tire Marks on the Floor

Most industrial floors, specifically those in warehouses, are full scuff and tire marks from forklifts.

While non-marking tires are available in the market, you can also ensure that your industrial floor will be mark-free by using an appropriate cleaning solution with an automatic floor scrubber to deal with stubborn tire marks. Just make sure to use the correct scrubbing pad as using the wrong one can make the scratches worse.

An automatic floor scrubber is useful, not only for saving time and money in cleaning operations, but it can also prolong the life of industrial floors.


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