August Special: 10% Off Peroxy HDOX

The cleaning needs of a business vary widely. From windows to carpets, from restrooms to office spaces, each area demands its own cleaning approach. This is why Sanford Company is thrilled to spotlight the versatile and efficient Peroxy HDOX Concentrate for our special August offer.

Why Peroxy HDOX?

Versatility in One Bottle: With just one concentrate, you have the capability of two different dilutions, tailored for a variety of cleaning needs. This reduces the need to buy and store multiple cleaning agents, saving space and cost.

Widespread Application: Peroxy HDOX is a master of adaptability. Whether you’re looking to clean windows, mirrors, metals, tiles, carpets, or fixtures, this concentrate has got you covered. It’s gentle on surfaces, yet effective in ensuring a deep cleanse.

Eco and Health Conscious: We recognize the importance of health and sustainability. Peroxy HDOX was crafted with both in mind. Using this product not only ensures cleanliness but is also a step toward a more sustainable and health-conscious cleaning routine.

For Varied Venues: From the bustling environment of a cruise ship or a hospital to the everyday activity in schools and offices, Peroxy HDOX is ideal. Its efficacy makes it a favorite in healthcare settings, hotels, gyms, and more.

How to Use:

  • Green Dilution: Perfect for glass and mirror cleaning, sprucing up stainless steel, and general spray-and-wipe cleaning. It’s also your go-to for floor cleaning.
  • Red Dilution: When you need that extra cleaning strength – for pre-cleaning, disinfecting surfaces, deodorizing, or restoring grout – the red dilution has your back.

Peroxy HDOX

August Special: 10% Off Peroxy HDOX

As we step into August, we’re excited to offer a 10% discount on Peroxy HDOX. Simply use the code: HDOX08 when placing your order. It’s our way of ensuring that your cleaning needs are met, without stretching your budget. Click here to place your order!

Peroxy HDOX Concentrate from Sanford Company is the comprehensive cleaning solution you’ve been searching for. Whether you’re running a healthcare facility or managing a school, this product caters to a myriad of cleaning needs efficiently and effectively. Grab yours this August and experience a more streamlined cleaning routine!

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