7 Steps to Better Wet Mopping

Wet mops are an important tool for cleaning spills, maintaining your floors in heavy traffic areas and removing soils from hard floor surfaces. Using the right mopping technique is essential for getting the best results. Follow these tips to make your floors shine!

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Step One: Prep the Area

Prior to mopping the floor, remove large objects like entry mats and debris, and set up any caution or wet floor signs to alert occupants that the space will be closed for cleaning.

Step Two: Dust Mop

Dust mop the area to remove any debris and soils prior to wet mopping.

Step Three: Soak Your Mop

Dunk your mop in a bucket filled with prepared cleaning solution. Before using the mop, wring it out so it still holds solution but is not dripping.

Step Four: Mop Away!

Use an S or figure-8 pattern to wet mop. Using the mop in these patterns lets you overlap a bit on each pass so no area will be missed. Start at the innermost corner of the room and work backwards toward the exist. This lets you remain on a dry area of floor, avoiding streaking solution and lowering the risk of slip and fall accidents.

Step Five: Rinse Your Mop

Rinse the mop with clean water after mopping a space about 10 feet x 10 feet. Wring out as much water as possible, then dip your mop in the cleaning solution again. Wring out once more before making additional passes.

Step Six: Remove Cleaning Solution

If you are using a rinse-free floor cleaning solution, skip this step. Otherwise, you’ll have to remove the solution from the floor to avoid damages. After cleaning your mop, remove solution using the same S or figure-8 pattern as before. Rinse your mop as needed to avoid spreading dirty solution onto freshly-cleaned sections.

Step Seven: Clean Your Mop

The job isn’t done until your mop is clean! Always wash your mop after every use. Follow the manufacturer’s wash instructions for your particular mop, then allow it to completely dry before using again. After washing, hang your mop in a well-ventilated room and if possible, store with the strands hanging down.

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