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15 Shocking Facts about Cold & Flu Season at Work

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1. According to the CDC, 35 to 50 million Americans will come down with the flu this year.

2. Each year, Americans get nearly 1 billion colds.

3. Over 100,000 people are hospitalized each year due to the flu.

4. The flu virus can live on contaminated surfaces for up to 48 hours.

5. Flu germs can move at an astounding 100mph from coughing or sneezing.

6. Each year, workplace absenteeism due to the flu, cold and other illness costs US businesses $230 per person.

7. Nearly 70% of office workers have gone to work while sick.

8. Elevator buttons can carry 40 times more bacteria than public toilet seats.

9. A third of workers in the United States have witnessed coworkers exiting restrooms without washing their hands.

10. Over half of all Americans don’t wash their hands after exchanging money.

11. Office workers can reduce their rates of flu and cold by nearly 80% simply by diligently washing, wiping and sanitizing.

12. Computer keyboards can harbor up to 200 times more bacteria than public toilet seats.

13. If you wash your hands often, you are up to 50% less likely to get a stomach bug and 25% less likely to catch a respiratory illness.

14. Humming “Happy Birthday” to yourself twice while washing your hands will ensure you’ve spent the proper amount of time scrubbing.

15. Sanford Company doesn’t just sell used floor scrubbers and janitorial supplies in Erie, PA — we also have all the cleaning products you need to sanitize, disinfect and clean your office space throughout flu season!

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