10% Off Brooms and Accessories This Month!

With so many advanced floor care options available today (Scrubbers! Sweepers! Autonomous units!), it is easy to overlook one of the most important tools in your cleaning arsenal: the humble broom.

That’s right — the broom.

Throughout January, get 10% off all of our in-stock broom and broom accessories. Click here to browse our online catalog, but please note that not all the items in our catalog are in-stock. Use promo code FLOOR10 to activate your discount. To confirm if an item qualifies, or if you have any questions, please give us a call at 814-835-8394.

Follow these tips to start the new year off right by keeping your floors clean of dust and debris:

Remove Obstructions

Before sweeping, declutter the area and remove any obstructions. Get throw rugs, small furniture and any liquid messes out of your way before you sweep. Make sure the area is dry to avoid creating a bigger mess.

Choose the Right Broom

We carry a wide variety of brooms and accessories to tackle any cleaning challenge.

If you need to reach hard-to-sweep corners or are working in tight spaces, grab a broom with angled bristles.

Corn brooms are great for everyday cleaning on a variety of surfaces. These brooms cover larger areas with ease and are stiff enough to get large pieces of debris off the floor.

Cleaning large areas? Reach for a push broom! Their large heads are perfect for sweeping large spaces in a short period of time.

For small jobs in confined spaces, we recommend a whisk broom. These handheld brooms are ideal for general spot cleaning and are designed to be used with a dustpan.

Sweep Toward the Exit

Always sweep toward the door! This makes it easy to create a single pile of dust and debris for disposal and ensures you aren’t spreading it throughout the room.

We are happy to recommend the best brooms for your needs and budget! Contact us today at 814-835-8394 to speak with one of our floor care experts.

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